Agility is a cloud-based end-to-end platform that offers complete automation of your business.

Offering your business digital transformation in the cloud!

Starting and scaling your business has never been easier. Agility provides your business with impressive modules to take your business to the next level!

Singular Solution

Access your entire business on a single platform. Create flexible pricing packages that you can share internally and externally.
Agility provides your with higher quality services.

Save Operating Costs

By using Agility you can save on operating and capital expense as you won’t require any hardware on your part. Agility is completely cloud based.


Reduce Risk

Agility provides complete automation of your systems. Experience the benefits of faster cycle times, lower support costs, improved compliance, optimised security and an overall better user experience.

Increase Your Revenue

Elimate downtime, and fast-track your business’ ability to increase revenue, profitability, improve customer journeys and satisfaction by making use of a single platform. By offering easier integration with other systems you can leverage existing investments and save long term. 

All You Need In One Platform

Say goodbye to using multiple platforms to run your business. With Agility you can be rest assured that your business is taken care of in the most secure and and compliant way. 


See how we can accelerate your business.



Agility provides you with your own portal that lists your services based on your configuration. When clients visit your portal they can do feasibility checks by entering their location. 

Lead Generation & Sales Funnel

Collect CRM data and track leads as they progress through the sales pipeline. Once leads are clients you can easily track and manage the fulfilment of their orders.

Channel Partner Management

Connect with any other business partner without a hassle and combine sales efforts. Making channel partner management effortless.

Ticketing & Support

This module is specially designed to enable you to give your clietns the ultimate experience by resolving issues and providing efficient communication.

Workflow Builder

You can design the flow of any process or action in your business and create standardisation and SOP’s digitally and automatically.


With our easy to use GIS mapping platform, engineers can save time building, designing and managing their fibre network.

Billing & Collections

From invoicing to collection payments and debit orders, you have full control of how and when you want to bill clients.


Create dashboards and report on data in real time. Dashboards can be customised with any metrics you would like to view.

Inventory Management

You can effortlessly keep an eye on current stock and assign them to clients. Know when you’re running low!

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Our platform accelarates your time to market with an agile approach.

"Agility has not only saved on our operational costs but it has improved our internal processes and saved a lot of valuable time!"

– Ashley Smith, COO, Amoeba TSC

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