Automate and grow your network operating business.

Starting and scaling your network operating business has never been easier. Enquire today to see why AgilityGIS is your answer to a successful, efficient business.

Are you an Network Operator or ISP?

AgilityGIS is a cloud-based end-to-end Platform as a Service to help you grow and scale your Network Operating¬†Business.¬†From planning your network, to signing on clients, to billing and CRM – we’ve got you covered.


Provide higher quality services

Access the entire business on a single platform. Create flexible pricing packages and share internally and externally. Easier integration with other systems means you can leverage existing investments and save long term.


Do more with less

Everything is cloud-based which means that you save on operating and capital expenses with no actual hardware necessary on your part. You have higher utilisation of resources and economy-of-scale benefits since you need no servers, hardware or storage.


Reduce risk and become agile

With complete automation of your systems, you will experience the benefits of faster cycle times, lower support costs, improved compliance, optimised security and an overall better user experience.

Why choose AgilityGIS?

Our platform accelerates time to market with an agile approach, eliminates downtime and fast-tracks the Virtual Internet Service Provider as an Operator’s ability to increase revenue, profitability, improve customer journey and satisfaction.

Plan & Design

Onboard Clients



Manage Billing




Explore capabilities:

Plan & Design

Onboard Clients


Manage Operations

Manage Billing




Plan & Build Your Network

With our easy to use GIS mapping platform, engineers can save time building, designing and managing their fibre network.


Track Leads & Onboard Clients

Collect CRM data and track leads as they progress through the sales pipeline. Once leads are clients you can easily track and manage the fulfilment of their orders.


Support Clients & Log Tickets

The ticketing and support module is specially designed to enable you to give your clients the ultimate experience by resolving issues and efficient communication.


Manage Accounting & Billing

From invoicing to collecting payments and debit orders, you have full control of how and when you want to bill clients with the accounting and billing functionality.


Control & Manage Your Network

Keep your finger on the heartbeat of your business by monitoring network assets, assessing demand and organising your projects and plans for scaling your network.


Keep Track of Data in Real-Time

Create dashboards and report on data in real time. Customise your dashboard experience with any metrics you would like to keep a tab on. Report on any entity created in any module.

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